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Weld grinding is an important step in many metal fabrication processes, and cleanly removing the excess weld metal requires an abrasive that can be used both quickly and carefully. 3M has weld grinding solutions for every project and skill level. Whether you''re looking for speed, ease-of-use or long abrasive life, our fiber discs, flap discs ...

Flush and Ground Flush of Welds

 · 05/12/2010 11:27 AM. A flush ground weld is one where the crown of the weld has been (or is to be) ground flush with the surface of the base metal. It it not normally done unless the crown interferes with further assembly. The weld symbol will contain the instruction "grind flush" or similar instruction if this is required, Flushing of a weld ...

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 · Depending on how good u are, a sanding disk is all thats needs to ''grind off '' welds, other wise hit most with a grinder then use the sanding disc. Ideally u will end up with seemless invisable join, that at most only requires 0.25 to 0.5mm filler, and a hi build for final blocking.

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 · I ground my welds on the top of my frame so that the floor would sit flush. I mitered the corners, I also welded gussets into the corners. The way that the 2x2 tubing is, most of the weld on the gussets was below the top and didn''t require a lot of grinding to get it

Grinding on a D1.1 weld

 · There is no prohibition against the use of a grinder when making a production weld in D1.1. Again, a word of caution with regards to rejecting a production welds because the welder used a grinder to remove excess reinforcement, etc. Welder qualification is a separate activity from production welding.

inside flush grinding of butt weld

 · inside flush grinding of butt weld. During inspection of weldolet, mismatch between the weldolet and run pipe hole ID was observed. The run pipe hole ID was smaller than the weldolet. Hence flush grinding was advised. But now QC has rejected the weld, stating flush grind is not allowed as per code. The piping code is B31.3 .

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Why it is required to do flush grinding on orifice flange root welding?

 · 1a, If the purpose is for true Flow Measurement then yes the common practice is to grind the inside of the circumferential weld smooth. 1b, If the purpose is for purely the Restriction of Flow then No you do not need to grind these welds. 2a, If you are in a Flow Measurement situation, with Pipe sizes 3" through 10" the smoothness is far more ...

Re-Evaluation of Fatigue Curves for Flush Ground Girth Welds

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 · Dear Yash, ''Ground Smooth'' is related to surface finish -- may be a machined. component or even an unmachined one like a plate. Whether the grinding. finish has been ''smooth'' will depend on what Roughness value you have. achieved by measurement in microns (called Ra & Rz values). ''Ground Flush'' is relative to the surrounding.

Grinding Down Welds: How To... and Should You?

While grinding your welds, you end up removing some of the thickness from the weld and the base metal. Grinding welds does inherently does lead to a reduction in the strength of the weld, as you are removing some amount of material from the weld itself. The degree of weakening depends on the amount of material that is removed.

Grinding welds

 · Talk about MIG welding equipment, guns, drive-roll systems, solid and flux-cored wires, etc. Today''s Posts Member List Forum EQUIPMENT TALK MIG / Wire Welders If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed.

Why do people grind down their welds after they are done welding…

Answer (1 of 19): There are some obvious reasons as to why weld seams are ground once finished: Image Source 1. Better appearances are achieved if the weld seam is flush with the surface, especially in case of butt joints. Look at the image above. However, you


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 · Another reason to grind welds is cosmetic. Cosmetic is superficial and subject to each owner/surveyors opinion etc of the boat. As such is "open season". The technical reasons why one grinds down or reduced over sized weld beads is given above. Nothing to do with "image" or flux etc.

Welding Symbols Guide

 · If you see a flag pole on the welding symbol then you should know that the weld is to be made on site instead of the weld shop. This basically means "filed weld – make it on the site". If the weld symbol doesn''t have the flag pole then it should be made in the shop instead. 1. No Flag – Made in Shop.

Grinding your welds

 · Great welders make great welds that need no additional clean up to look good. The rest of us may sometimes need a grinder clean the welds up a bit and or smooth them out. Does grinding the surface of the weld scratch or score the metal in such a way that it makes it easier to start a fracture at ...

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 · Hey guys, I build these luggage panniers for adventure style motorcycles and some of my customers have mentioned that they would prefer that the tig welds be ground flat and smooth. I normally don''t like to grind my welds after I''m …

Grinding welds on the swing arm Safe or Not?

 · For all you welders out there. I''ve noticed that the welds on the swing arm of my 900 look like crap. I''m considering smoothing them out. Do you think Kawasaki left the welds like that to save money or is it a structural thing?

Grinding machine for removing welds on steel weldments?

 · The grinding on these can easily take 2-3 hours for a set. I would love to find a machine where I could drop these in, have it knock down the welds to almost flush, then go through and blend in by hand.

Re-Evaluation of Fatigue Curves for Flush Ground Girth Welds

Flush-grinding of a butt weld is an established method for improving its fatigue performance. However, the current fatigue design rules in various standards and codes for such welds are not based on fatigue test data from flush-ground girth welds but on data for joints between flat plates, much of which were obtained many years ago. The availability of fatigue test results has …

Why do people grind down their welds after they are …

Answer (1 of 19): There are some obvious reasons as to why weld seams are ground once finished: Image Source 1. Better appearances are achieved if the weld seam is flush with the surface, especially in case of butt joints. Look at the image above. However, you

Grinding Welds down when building a custom stainless exhaust?

 · Used to weld a lot of stainless with tig and mig. All you need is Argon/CO 2, penetrtation is going to be pretty easy on an exhaust pipe. A little advice buy a can of spatter spray and use it religiously. When you are grinding a sand paper disk is better then a stone, 80-100 grit to start and 300-400 grit to finish.

Is there a standard procedure for grinding welds flush?

 · Yes, two standards. One came with an optical comparator that looked like a flashlight with a magnifying glass and a series of standard finishes that you could compare to your material. The other as you stated, was for comparing the cleaning and blasting profiles. By 803056 Date 11-24-2019 15:03.

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 · Joined Sep 8, 2005. 3,656 Posts. #16 · Jan 24, 2014. I like a die grinder with 3"x1/8" or thicker grinding wheels and 3" sanding discs. It''s easier to control than a big 4 1/2" grinder, which can easily thin the surrounding metal if you''re …

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If its clean, we''ll leave it be, but if its looking a little rough with spatter about, typically we will grind along the weld on both base metals, and lightly over the face of the weld. ''Give it a nice shine'', my boss says. Never heard anyone say it weakens the weld, only the welders pride. level 2.

Mis-Understanding Welding Symbols, Part 1

An object line takes precedence over a hidden line and a hidden line takes precedence over a centerline. Mistake No. 4: Flat vs. Flush. Weld faces can be finished using a number of different contours and finishing methods. The four contours include convex, concave, flat, and flush. Let''s focus on flat and flush.

grinding down welds?

 · 08-16-2009, 08:11 PM. If you''re going to grind them out and re-weld, grind them COMPLETELY OUT (meaning grind a V and get back to base metal) and re-weld. One of the guys who is a metalurgist here will have to answer your question about how many times you can weld/grind/weld/grind on the same area without detrimentally affecting the strength ...

Weld Grinding With A Dremel!

 · As already said, don''t do mad when grinding welds back, the more you grind the weaker the joint. If you make it look really pretty by grinding it flush you stand a good chance of removing most of the strength in the joint. Leave a little flush then either finish with filler or seamsealer. Back to top. Page 1 of 3.

Welding Symbols

 · Does anyone know how to add a "grind flush" line (the straight line placed under a symbol to indicate it be ground down after welding) to a Knowledge Network > Support & Learning > Inventor > Inventor Community > ...

Why is flush grinding required for orifice flange welding?

Answer: An orifice flange is used to measure the flow of liquids or gases through a pipe. It works by producing a drop in the fluids pressure because the diameter of the orifice hole is smaller than the pipe diameter. If you measure the pressures upstream and

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At G&J Steel & Tubing, we have more than 40 years of experience with the above welding methods. We can help you fabricate steel or other metal tubing for nearly any industry or application. We also provide grinding and polishing …

Flattening down aluminum weld beads?

 · Grinding weld on any material will remove strength, this why it is not done in critical applications. If you are going to do it on aluminum a bevel greatly helps as well as.having full penetrations if allowed,.if it''s not allowed, you will definitely want a bevel otherwise your weld will most likely crack. Top. nero.

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Flush grinding of weld

 · so grind flush already in clude in ASME sextion IX . that shall look to procedure preparation test coupon. Grinding the welds is permitted to the extent that at no place should the weld metal "fall below the surface of the adjoining base materials" -- see UW 35 (d). Proving that may be a difficult job, hence always leave a reinforcement unless ...

"Grinding" down an aluminum weld bead?

 · The down side is that they wear out faster than steel grinding disks. You definitely have to wear safety glasses and a face shield would be better (always a good idea in any case). There is also an additional debris clean up problem but they can really take off the material.

Weld seam flush grinding

 · As i experiencing problem during inspection of piping, usual engineering practice pipe long seam weld need to be flush grinded before welding of circular seam weld in piping (adjacent), i already raised the issue to contractor to flush grind during fit up before welding is to be carried out. but contractor not agreeing for that, they asking for ...

How to Remove Welding

 · Typically, you can remove welding through plasma cutting, torch cutting, grinding or circular saws, drills, or oxy-acetylene torches. Because welding creates a strong bond between two metals, this bond usually ends up being stronger than the metals themselves, which means that you can''t undo a weld as easily as you could break a piece of metal – for example, with a …

Welding Symbols: How to Understand Them (With Charts)

 · The welding symbols are illustrations of the pre-weld joint looking side on, as through a cross-section. Each weld symbol is explained individually, with its weld profile alongside it. There are two systems that are used for interpretation, and four sections of different symbols explained in this article: the base platform, base butt weld symbols, other base …

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 · A Norton Blaze Rapid Strip disc and competitors'' discs were used to remove a TIG weld on flanged isolation dampeners at MC Air Filtration LTD. Norton Disc: Blaze Rapid Strip 115x22mm. Tool: Angle Grinder. Situation: …

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 · On thick steel, hard stone (''cause they are cheap) until they are about 1/16th. Flap disc on the old 4-1/2" grinder after that. I generally just use 80-grit, and then 120-grit on the DA. On sheet metal, skip the stone. Make your welds as flat as possible in the process of welding. I like Walter abrasives.

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Welding Symbol & Weld Symbol are 2 different terminologies. A weld symbol is a pictorial profile that is attached to the reference line part of the Welding Symbol. A weld Symbol defines the type of geometry for the welding joint. E.g. a Fillet Weld, a bevel or square butt, etc.